Monday, October 4, 2010

The Magic of Reading

It is my hope that Jasper is an avid reader, that he gets lost in the worlds that I got lost in as a child and that he discovers new worlds amongst the pages of his favorite books.

Some of my happiest childhood memories involve reading and being read to. I can't wait to sit next to Jasper's bed reading him books like The Magic Faraway Tree (Enid Blyton), The BFG (Roald Dahl) and Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll). So in honour of all the fabulous Children's books out there I thought I would share some of my favorite reading themed finds from Etsy:

Pesonalised book plate from - Oiseaux

Mushroom Bookends from - Graphic Spaces Wood
Ice cream bookmark from - Dana Grace

Book print from - The Black Apple

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